Laboratory  Refrigerator
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Laboratory refrigerator : Refrigerated storage of Vaccines, Reagents, Cultures & Blood samples.

The LABTOP Ž Laboratory refrigerator are available in a variety of configurations providing alternatives between cabinet capacity, control capability.

Applications include refrigerated storage of Vaccines, Reagents, Cultures, Medicines and Blood samples. Temperature range adjustable from 2.0 to 8.0 ēC with micro controller based temperature controller includes digital temperature display of set value and process value. Forced air circulation for maximum temperature uniformity. Temperature alarm system with adjustable high/low alarm limits, includes audible and visual warning. 

  • Micro-controller controls the internal temperature within ± 0.5 ºC.

  • Unique air flow system ensures even temperature distribution.

  • Foamed in place CFC free PUF insulation ensures temperature stability and reduced power consumption.

  • Audio visual alarm when the temperature deviates from the pre set temperature.

  • Specially designed Stainless steel trays ensure even temperature distribution.

  • Directional air flow assures quick recovery after door openings.

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Blood Bag Tube Sealer

Blood Bag Tube Sealer

Blood Bag Tube Sealer is a compact equipment to seal the blood bag pilot tube by ratio frequency sealing system. Sealing can be achieved in less than 1.5 seconds per tube by simple operation.

Blood Bank Refrigerator

 • Blood Bank Refrigerator

Blood Bank Refrigerators are available in six basic cabinet sizes designed to fit a verity of space and storage requirements Combine superior refrigeration technology and precise temperature control to ensure reliable blood storage.

Blood Weighing Scale

Blood Weighing Scale

Micro Controller based Blood Bank Weighing Scale is designed for weighing blood and blood components. It can accurately measure the volume of blood components.

Blood Collection Mixer

 • Blood Collection Mixer

Blood collection mixer is a compact instrument to provide smooth and gentle rocking for homogeneous mixing with anticoagulant without clot formation of blood cells during collection of blood from a donor.

Blood Collection Monitor

 • Blood Collection Monitor

Blood collection monitor is a compact instrument to provide smooth and gentle rocking for homogeneous mixing with anti coagulant without clot formation of blood cells during collection of blood from a donor.

Blood Donor Chair  • Blood Donor Chair

Micro-controller based blood donor Couch is designed to provide a comfortable position for the donor. Donor's position can be easily shifted from upright body position.  Seat elements are designed with ergonomic consideration to maximize donor comfort.

 • Blood Bank Refrigerated Centrifuges

LABTOP large volume centrifuges are designed for separating blood and blood components from whole blood like platelet, plasma, RBC and Cryoprecipitate and it is ideal for blood banks and hospitals. Also widely used in pharmaceutical industry, research centres, vaccine manufacturing industry and universities.
 • Bio Safety Cabinet

LASTOP introduces excellent quality Bio safety Cabinets designed for protection of operator. product and environment from pathogenic agents and microorganisms transmitted in respiratory way and also for creation 01 bacterial dust free air environmem Our range of Bio safety Cabinets includes Class I, Class II/Type A, Class II/Type 82 and Class III

 • Cyclomixer

• Compact design
• Mixing speed 300 to 3000 rpm
• Mixing amplitude 1.5 mm
• Timer can be set from 15 sec. to 99 hrs
• ABS Body
• LCD display

Laboratory Equipments

Blood Bank Equipments

• Blood Bag Tube Sealer
• Blood Bank Refrigerator
• Blood Weighing Scale
• Blood Collection Mixer
• Blood Collection Monitor
• Blood Donor Chair
• Blood Donor Couch
• Cryoprecipitate Bath

• Dialysis Chair
• Plasma Expressor
• Plasma Freezer
• Plasma Freezer - LPF-240
• Plasma Thawing Bath
• Platelet Agitator
• Platelet Incubator
• Ultra Plasma Freezer
Lab Equipment Leaflet
Laminar Air Flow Cabinet

• Bacteriological Incubator
• Bio Freezer - 20 Deg. C
• Bio Freezer - 40 Deg. C
• BOD Incubator
• Cooling Incubator
• Cryo Bath
• Dry Bath
• Dual Incubator
• Dual Incubators LDI -180
• Environmental Test Chambers

• Heating Block
• Incubator Shaker
• Laboratory Incubator

• Laboratory Oven
• Laboratory Refrigerator
• Photo Stability Test Chambers
Blood Bank Refrigerated Centrifuges
• Plant Growth Chambers
• Seed Germinator
• Shaking Incubator
• Stability Test Chambers
• Ultra Deep Freezer
• Walk In Stability Chambers
Bio Safety Cabinet

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